24 enero, 2021

Black Friday: 5 tips for shopping online safely


Black Friday and successive discount campaigns such as Cyber Monday are commercial actions of large internet operators that allow succulent discounts. On more than one occasion. EL PERIODICO has suggested recommendations to make the most of the offers and obtain the necessary products, escaping both the temptation of impulse purchases and scams.

It is also important to take into account that the high volume of transactions that occur these days are an opportunity that cybercriminals take advantage of to try to capture personal data, credentials or money to use them for their own benefit or resell to a third party. On the occasion of Single Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which year after year marks online sales records, the number of attacks of this type increases massively.

The cybersecurity company Entelgy Innotec Security has developed interesting basic recommendations to keep the user safe, here are the most important ones.

Buy only on trusted websites

On the occasion of Black Friday, shops and brands offer interesting discounts. You have to stay alert as there are also clones of these pages that are difficult to detect, which exploit their vulnerabilities to introduce some type of virus. To avoid scares, it is advisable to write the URL directly in the browser and, once we access it, check that it starts with HTTPS (not HTTP) along with the lock symbol next to it.

The computer or mobile, protected and updated

It is very important to have an antivirus installed on the computers that connect to the internet and keep the operating system, programs and applications updated, as these updates usually solve problems and vulnerabilities. It is also essential to use strong and non-obvious passwords that include numbers, symbols, upper and lower case.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

These networks are a very accessible gateway for the cyber criminal. When shopping online, it is advisable not to use these Wi-Fi, or public equipment and choose private networks to ensure your own security.

Pay through secure platforms

Payment by card or virtual POS is the most widespread method when purchased online, but there are also platforms on which you only have to enter a username and password to make the payment (such as PayPal or Google Pay). In this way, the data will always be on a single platform. In addition, the use of virtual credit cards can also be useful as double protection against fraudulent attacks and promotions.

Be wary of doubtful or unknown offers

Through attractive WhatsApp or email chains, very attractive offers are usually received with great discounts. However, these types of chains are usually a trap with which cyber-criminals will try to drive the user to fake stores, fraudulent payment services or cause infected files to be downloaded.

“Online shopping is a solution for many consumers who want to save time and money on their products, but on days like Black Friday, great discounts and promotions can confuse us and make us not aware of the security of our data. If we plan our purchases well and follow simple guidelines, we will avoid falling into the traps of cybercriminals and keep our personal information safe, ”says Félix Muñoz, director of Entelgy Innotec Security.

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