By the year 2070, Facebook will have more dead users than alive


It seems that the era in which Facebook was growing more and more with millions of new users was behind, and its popularity decreases with time.

This is revealed by an analysis conducted by researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, which describes a scenario where Mark Zuckerberg’s platform would have more dead users than alive.

According to the study, at least 1,400 million users will be dead by the year 2100 and the year 2070 would be the turning point, that is, where the accounts of deceased people would exceed the active accounts.

Carl Öhman and David Watson

The lead authors of the research, point out that these statistics give rise to new and difficult questions about who is entitled to all this data, how they should be handled in the best interest of the families and friends of the deceased, and its use by future historians to understand the past.

In addition, they explained that the problem is not exclusive to Facebook, but it is easier to appreciate it in this social network due to its larger size. The researchers do not believe that it is just a problem of profile management and privacy. Over time, online information about deceased people will be a problem that will have to be dealt with in depth.

“At a social level, we have just started asking these questions and we have a long way to go. The management of our digital remains will eventually affect all those who use social networks, as all of us will one day die and leave our data, “said Öhman.

Recently, Facebook launched several updates for memorized accounts (active accounts for deceased persons), allowing profiles of people to remain as they were before they died.

This is part of the broader efforts of social media companies to deal with the controversial issue of what to do with the accounts of deceased people.

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