Google creates a version of Android for non-touch mobile


Some screenshots of Chrome show a redesigned version of the page ‘ new tab ‘ of the browser, which would indicate that Google is working on a version of Android Oreo for basic devices without touchscreen.

Earlier this year, the media ‘ 9to5Goole ‘ discovered a screenshot of a ‘ no contact ‘ version of Chrome that appeared to be designed for mobile phones without touchscreen. Now, and with the new captures obtained by the same medium, it has been possible to expand this information.

The new captures, provided to the public translation team of Chrome and later eliminated, show that this Chrome ‘ contactless ‘ is being built for a version of Android Oreo, because, as indicated from the medium quoted, appears in the corner Upper left system notification on the status bar of this version of the operating system.

These images show a redesigned version of a Chrome ‘ new tab ‘ page, with a condensed section of ‘ articles for you ‘, explains 9to5goole, on which four icons and texts appear where you read ‘ all applications ‘.

By delving into the ‘ contactless ‘ code shared with Chromium, the media explains that the ‘ all applications ‘ text is used generically in this version of Chrome to display the page browsing pages. When placed on top of each icon, it would show the name of the application.

There is no more detail about this new version, or when it will be launched by Google, but the company is expected to provide information at its annual developer event, Google I/O, to be held from 7 to 9 May.

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