24 septiembre, 2020

How to prevent hair loss?


If it is long and curly or short and long, when you feel and feel magnificent, we will too. But since most of us lose more than 150 strands naturally every day, losing it can be a concern for many women. If you want to protect your braids, however, we do not worry anymore about hair loss, follow our tips on how to prevent hair loss and keep it full of life.

Keep your hair strong.

A beautiful hair is a strong hair. Choose products to help prevent hair loss, like our Drop Control shampoo.

Be delicate with wet hair.

Our hair is more vulnerable when wet, so it is important to take special care after washing. When you see your hair with a towel, do it delicately; Press and gently squeeze your hair instead of rubbing, because this can cause the damage that leads to hair loss. Opt for a wide-tooth comb when brushing your hair when it’s too wet.

Change your hairstyle

When it comes to wearing a combed hair, your way of combing it can make a difference. Think about asking your hairdresser to add layers, which can help make your hair look thicker and longer.

Healthy diet = Healthy hair.

Everyone knows that eating well can improve physical health, but how can you help strengthen your hair too? To take a look at the nutrients you need, eat foods, foods and dairy products.

Protects hair from heat and chemicals.

Hairstyles for heat, chemical treatments and dyeing can cause damage that is not mistreated. Use a serum heat protector and use that chemically care hair like Dove Full Reconstruction Shampoo and Dove Reconstruction Complete Conditioner.

Test of the massages on the scalp.

It is said that massage helps with hair growth, and that blood circulation is estimated. Apart from that, it is also a great way to relieve stress.

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