26 mayo, 2020

Huawei sells more mobile phones in China than Apple worldwide


Despite the veto announced in mid-May by the Trump Administration. Huawei continues to increase its mobile phone sales and only in China has it sold more in the second quarter than Apple worldwide.

According to data collected by IDC

Huawei sold 58.7 million phones between April and June and only in China was able to place 62% of the total (36.4 million units). Thus exceeding the number of iPhones that Apple sold in the same period worldwide, 33.8 million units.

Thus, in the second quarter Huawei increased its global mobile sales by 8.3% and achieved the highest figure ever achieved in China, according to the same consultant.

IDC explains that, following tensions between the Asian country and the US, Huawei’s strategy has been to compensate for the falls registered outside its borders by focusing its mobile distribution on the domestic market, by strengthening sales in smaller cities, in which it had less presence.

With this, the Chinese telecommunications firm has managed to circumvent the crisis that opened in the wake of the veto that Donald Trump imposed to prevent US companies from negotiating with it, and remains the second most sold mobile worldwide, only behind the Korean Samsung, who had proposed to advance in 2020.

In fact, during the first half of the year Huawei increased its turnover by 23.2% year-on-year and, in this time, it has won 50 commercial contracts for 5G networks and has sold more than 150,000 base stations worldwide.

However, the Counterpoint analysis firm warns that the impact of tensions between China and the US It will be more noticeable in Huawei’s results for the next quarter. Given that restrictions on the telecommunications firm were announced and well advanced in the second quarter (May 19).


This could frustrate the goal of the Chinese company to reach Samsung, which remains the industry leader, having sold 75.5 million mobile phones between April and June, 28.6% more than Huawei.

Despite obtaining good results in this area, the Korean, which has also presented its results this week, saw its net profit drop 53.1% in the second quarter.

While those two Asian firms continue to grow in the mobile market quarter after quarter, Apple, the third company that sells the most mobile phones worldwide, has seen iPhones sales fall by 18.2% year-on-year, according to IDC.

Still Apple maintains a market share of 11.1%, behind Samsung (22%) and Huawei (17.2%), according to Strategy Analytics data.

That fall in iPhone sales has made these popular phones have lost prominence in Apple’s turnover, in favor of their services -included from the App Store to subscription services-. Which have grown by 12.64% in the second quarter, reaching 11.455 million dollars, a historical maximum for this company.

The technology group led by Tim Cook has already announced at the beginning of the year that it would focus its strategy on Apple services and has managed to compensate for the iPhone’s problems. Betting on diversifying its business since the forecasts in mobile telephony point to a saturation of the market world.

Overall, 333.2 million mobiles were sold worldwide between March and June, according to IDC, and 341.4 million, according to Strategy Analytics. Which represents a reduction of 2.3% and 3% year-on-year, respectively. Counterpoint figures that drop at 1% and points out that it is the seventh consecutive quarterly decline.

In any case, and taking the lowest figure, it can be extracted that every day in the world 3.66 million mobiles are sold. At an average of 42 devices per second.

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