24 enero, 2021

Making a “capture” of a conversation on WhatsApp and sending it violates article 44 of the Constitution


Many people are unaware that making a capture (screenshot) to a conversation on WhatsApp is violating the law and privacy of the person leading the talk.

This was explained this Friday in The Government of the Afternoon Juan Manuel Medina, who asked: “How many of you grab and start chatting on WhatsApp and grab and capture a capture of that conversation and… send it to someone else.

That is a violation of article 44 of the Constitution! Inviolability of correspondence, because a WhatsApp chat refutes correspondence. ”

He said he hopes that this application will send some notification at some point when this happens as Signal and Telegram do.

The lawyer and computer scientist

Who addressed today about cybersecurity and the privacy of citizens in the face of the rise of technology, said that generally, users. Citing the popular Facebook network as an example, do not even read the contract they accept when providing your data to this or another platform.

He commented that there is no privacy and that given the technology and tools used to interact, work and market, those who use it are vulnerable because they record very sensitive data there.

“We have to be careful. It’s good and sit down and read these clauses to know what we have access to, ”Medina warned,

He explained that as a result of the search incident, sensitive information is sought, highlighting that when a user searches for an article on any network, they are immediately bombarded with related advertising.

He invited to do the exercise of logging into an Android cell phone, from where he said, you can get all the sensitive data of a person, such as eating habits, type of clothing he wears, vehicle he has, places he frequents, etc.

«Write Google control panel, log in with the email they have registered, so they realize what was the first page they visited when they had an Android phone, what picture did you like the most, the geolocation, with whom you talk most», invited.

He also commented that for example, large platforms such as Facebook ask to register the phone for added security: «those companies sell that data.»

«These multinationals reserve the right to obtain, manage and sell that information, because we are giving it to them, and not just the telephone number, all our habits,» he said.

On the technology of facial recognition, he explained that what allows this is a software, which reaches certain traits to identify a person.

What do you recommend so that privacy is not exposed?

On what to do so as not to expose himself so much, he reiterated to the citizens the importance of reading,

Criticizing that most like things to be easy, but that they do not observe that these contracts are long, because those companies are clear that they are violating rights fundamental.

«Your mentality is not that of your neighbor, each person understands that what is right goes up. But we must bear in mind that our interests of today will not be those of tomorrow and, what goes up to the networks stays there» he warned.

He advised that there must be some management of what we climb because today it can be a relaxation, but in the future it can affect you, emphasizing that «freedom of expression is not debauchery.»

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