24 septiembre, 2020

Podiatrists warn that bad smell is one of the main conditions of the feet in autumn


The Illustrious Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community (ICOPCV) has warned that the so-called ‘podobromhidrosis’ or bad smell of the feet is one of the main conditions of these limbs in autumn, which may be caused, between other reasons, due to the fungal infection in summer, the use of non-breathable footwear, alcohol abuse or smoking and that, in addition, can be a symptom of other pathologies such as alterations of the metabolic system, apocrine glands, kidney diseases or even liver.

As reported by the collegiate entity in a statement, with the arrival of autumn and the gradual drop in temperatures, the use of closed shoes is returned, a type of shoe that can cause greater foot sweating and the appearance of bad smell , which is one of the main conditions of the feet at this time of year.

«When the sweat comes into contact with the bacterial flora of the foot, it produces in its decomposition ammonium and fatty acid that result in the bad smell of the feet. The most common reason is that they spend many hours in a shoe closed with the corresponding sweat secretion, «explained Antonio Viana, podiatrist and secretary of the ICOPCV.

As indicated, this cause is usually «more frequent» in children and adolescents than in adults due to its «high activity», the «abusive» use of «low breathable» sneakers and, sometimes, due to a «more neglected hygiene» «.

Along with this, there are also other factors that can lead to excessive sweat and bad odor on the feet such as fungal infection and athlete’s foot, very common after summer.


In addition, from the ICOPCV it has been pointed out that, because sweat is a way to eliminate toxins from the body, smoking and abusing alcoholic beverages «predisposes» to podobromhidrosis. So does the consumption of some foods such as spices, onions or garlic because when they are degraded they produce odoriferous molecules, which cause odor.

In addition, from the ICOPCV it has been warned that the bad smell of the feet can be a symptom of other pathologies such as alterations in the functioning of the apocrine glands, metabolic, renal or hepatic diseases, or certain pharmacological treatments such as antidepressants.

«The treatments to eliminate this problem will vary depending on their origin. In this way, in some cases so that the bad smell of the feet disappears it is necessary to treat these pathologies in addition to the lower limbs,» he detailed.

Other treatments could range from the administration of antibacterials or antifungals, to the application of drying powder or aerosol treatments, the elimination of the diet of some foods or quitting smoking. «In cases of extreme sweating, physical treatments such as iontophoresis (introduction of active substance ions) or surgery are applied,» Viana explained.


Podiatrists have developed a decalogue to avoid bad smell such as maintaining optimal foot hygiene, washing them daily and drying them well, especially between the toes; change the socks every day (more often if your feet sweat a lot, such as when playing sports); aerate shoes after using them to prevent the proliferation of bacteria; avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or made of synthetic materials or opt for leather, canvas or mesh that allow the feet to breathe.

It also recommends using socks that repel moisture such as wool or cotton; avoid nylon socks or tights; periodically remove, aerate and wash shoe insoles; change them at least once a month; use disinfectant sprays inside the shoes to kill the bacteria that cause the bad smell; avoid using home remedies against the bad smell that circulate on the internet, since in addition to not being proven its effectiveness could aggravate the condition depending on its origin and go to a podiatrist to identify the origin of the pathology and apply the most appropriate treatment.

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