Reveal moved $ 5 million plot against David Ortiz


David Ortiz moved five million pesos, of which sum is the motoconchista. Eddy Vladimir Feliz García was the one who received the least, five million pesos, to get the hired assassin who fired at the Big Papi quickly out of the area

According to the source of the investigation, the drafting of the investigation campaign of the. National Police and the Attorney General’s Office.

With the collaboration of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Administration for Drug Control (DEA), the International Police (Interpol) and the intelligence agencies of the Dominican State.

Yesterday at the press conference led by the attorney general, Jean Alain Rodríguez, and the general director of the Police, the mayor Ney Bautista Almonte, the members of the band, Rolfy Ferreira Cruz (Brayan or Sandy).

Who shot, Joel Rodríguez Cruz (Squidward), Eddy Vladimir Féliz García (Nata), Olíver Moisés Mirabal Acosta, Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela (El Chino). Porfirio Allende Dechamps Vásquez and Luis Alfredo Rivas Class (El Cirujano), even older.

The police presented the Hi-Power brand, which was used to shoot Ortiz, which was used as an action in Mirabal Acosta, who was then handed over to Deschanps Vásquez.

According to the report, of the 400 thousand pesos received by the band, a Cruz de Ferreira by a speaker and a delivery of 100 thousand pesos. And the rest of the money was distributed to the group in games of 20, 40 and 50 thousand pesos.

One million
A Rivas Class (The Surgeon), fugitive, said the report that will give one million pesos to agglutinate the sicarios, staying with 600 thousand. This, say the researchers, those sent to the other groups of the group still fugitives.

“The reports we have, the surgeon, was hired by a woman known as the Venezuelan or the Pelirrubia, Marcos Díaz and another known as Alexander, and met in Las Caobas, Santo Domingo Oeste, municipality where most of the band lives. He tried against David, “he said.

The source indicates that Rivas Class is being persecuted so that he can say and count on those who hire. And that he is guided to carry out an action plan against David Ortiz.

The Dominican authorities, said another unofficial source, had to advance a report of the attack against Ortiz perpetrated last Sunday.

The pressure of the United States and the Dominican society, as well as the international press media that are in the country in search of information on the attack on the big daddy. Who is also an American citizen.

USA fugitive

Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, 24, accused of shooting David Ortiz, has been a fugitive from New Jersey justice since Jan. 30, 2018, according to the detective, Lt. Robert Bracken of the Clifton Police, on assault charges. In armed hands committed in December of that year.

Two sheriff’s deputies arrested two accomplices of Ferreira Cruz, hiding in the backyard of Vreeland Avenue. As Dalvin Cruceta Espinal, 19, and a minor of 16 years, both of Paterson, said the lieutenant.

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