26 mayo, 2020

Richard Jefferson: LeBron will be the best player next season


After the 2018-19 exercise, popular thinking decided to dethrone LeBron James (without any reason) of the divine throne he has occupied during the last decade; If you are the best active player in the competition, although not every year that assessment could translate into a title.

Not qualifying for the playoffs, stepping back on defensive ground, the longest injury of his career and also some shortcomings when attacking ended up leaving a bad taste in the mouth of James’ first Lakers campaign. However, having been without official commitments since mid-April has also increased his hunger to recover the title of the most dominant player in the competition.

To this he will have dedicated his entire preseason to the body and soul to date, although at 34 years old (35 in December) he will be the best again, he would not depend only on himself. Even with age and all the background that does not blow in favor of LeBron, Richard Jefferson, vassal of the King in Cleveland years ago, he has no doubt that the ’23’ will regain his status next season.

LeBron James will be the best player again next year

If he’s healthy, with Kevin Durant out and with many players joining new projects and having to make adjustments to his game, LeBron will be the best again, Jefferson was able to declare on ESPN’s Get Up program.

“He is going to be able to do very different things in his game with Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma in the team, they will not become corks like the ones before but they will be that dominant guy he was before. He understands that people think that he will not be the same after the injury and everything and is focused on demonstrating that basketball is the most important thing for him, and the only way to do it is and destroy the maximum possible rivals, «he could add Richard Jefferson.

Old friends

LeBron James and the «old» Jefferson agreed in the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2015 to 2017; both players wove a prosperous personal friendship and hence the former player can know what goes through LeBron’s head in the moments before the start of the season.

James is so anxious to start the new assault on the title with the Lakers that he has organized an unofficial rally with his Lakers teammates before the team’s actual training camp. The version of LeBron that we find in the 2019-20 season will surely not be as physically lush as it was years ago but it will be more hungry than in recent times. And it will be about to enter the top 10 most veteran players in the competition.

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