Stephen Curry may not be at stake 3 per dislocated finger; trained with equipment


OAKLAND.- During the second game of the series against the Rockets of Houston, Stephen Curry. Dislocated a finger of his left hand, and although this scare made all the alarms jump in the Warriors in the end it seems that the thing has been in less of what it seemed and the base of the Oakland team will be, with almost all probability, ready to face the game 3.

As Steve Kerr reported, Curry completed the training yesterday with the rest of his teammates, and the sensations were not bad at all.

“He has done a whole training. It will probably be better when we have a few more days of rest. Hopefully, the pain will subside as the hours go by until the game, “Kerr said.

In the session on Thursday, Curry tried the shot hard, wanted to check that the pain did not appear when performing the mechanics, a situation that seemed to complete successfully.

“When those things happen, it’s not fun,” explained Kay Thompson about the player’s feelings when a finger is dislocated.

“I know Stephen, I know he will be. Having a dislocated finger is horrible, but, with luck, it is possible to get it back on. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not like when it affects ligaments or something like that, which would be more complicated, “Thompson added.

The injury occurred during the first quarter of game two against Houston after an action with Clint Capela. Curry went to the dressing room, where he quickly underwent an x-ray test. The result being negative, the base returned to the match, achieving 20 points in 33 minutes.

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