24 enero, 2021

What are the dangers of sharing your Netflix account?


Sharing Netflix accounts or other streaming platforms is a very common practice; however, it can end up being dangerous for users due to the resale of accounts or hackers that reactivate canceled accounts.

By providing a username and password to third parties we put the rest of our accounts at risk. Since many of us use the same information to access other websites or services.

A survey conducted by Magid for the US network CNBC found that 35% of millennials (aged 16 to 36) in that country share the passwords of their streaming services. This percentage is reduced to 19% in generation X (born between 1961 and 1979) and to 13% in baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1965).

Also, an investigation published in October by Harris Poll with the collaboration of Google. Shows that 66% of respondents claim to have used the same password for different services.

This data could explain why thousands of Disney + accounts were hacked shortly after the platform. Was launched on November 12 in the United States. After the theft, the passwords were sold on the dark web.

The cybersecurity company Bitdefender issued a statement in this regard blaming this situation on the custom of users to use the same password for different websites.

Sometimes, hackers steal those credentials without users being aware of it, «said Bitdefender Threat Research Director Bogdan Botezatu.

On the other hand, the BBC news network reported that in recent weeks several Netflix users reported on Twitter that they had received charges from accounts canceled months ago.

The video platform saves customer data to facilitate their return, including billing information, for 10 months. However, sometimes, hackers take advantage of this situation and through malware, phishing or by being. Shared accounts end up appropriating the passwords of canceled accounts.

The company has indicated that users can send an email to request that, once the account has been discharged. All their data be deleted. Netflix also reports each time someone reactivates their canceled account.

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